Grappling Push Notifications in Content-Based Marketing

What are Push Notifications?

White and Black techniques are not only employed in SEO, push notifications can be white or black as well. White label notifications conform to content-based marketing with clear-cut permission from the visitors or users, and black label notifications as you might have rightly guessed are a form of spamming. In the case of push notifications, the delivery mechanism is simple, and the ads or messages load up through emails, websites, blogs, mobile apps, and other user devices.

Push advertisers on the wrong side can deceive you and victimize you. What follows is a stream of notifications or ads you are not interested in. This happens most when you are in a hurry on the world wide web, when your attention is wavering, or when you are so engrossed that you wish to push aside all irritating pops ups and trespassing objects. Thus, to continue focusing you unwittingly press the button. Black hat advertisers use these moments to enhance their client’s trade and get the engrossed users to go for the push. I have experienced these situations and have learned to skillfully avoid accepting proposals. Want to know more? Continue reading…

Refuse to Allow or Click on Yes
Marketers cannot push the Ads without your permission. If you have granted permission and clicked on “yes” or “allow” only then the Ads will flow. Be careful whenever you chance upon these permission seekers, or your messaging or online experience would include a lot of clutter. In the world wide web, you continuously come across Ads on portals you visit, but these are not forced upon you. Ads are the price you pay for free usage, in most cases, some platforms like YouTube for example offer the option to go Ad free, and there are many such platforms. Paid memberships increase the ROI of open source or free platforms reducing their reliance on Ad commissions.

Content-Based Marketing Exposure
When users find the content interesting they venture onto the platform and read. Hence content is best for engagement. If you have added relevant attributes like video, infographic, puzzle, poll, or a questionnaire people will engage with your content and respond to various options that could include acceptance of notifications or Ad viewing.

In the case of content-based marketing, exposure to advertisements and the options to receive advertisements is very well tolerated. Why? Well, it’s simple to understand the content is persuasive in nature and incites emotions to win you over so a little bit of irritant is not bothersome.

Some of the ads pop up whence you are on content that promises problem-solving, and these ads might be just the one you were looking for. Marketers cleverly employ these techniques and achieve their objectives which could be goal conversion or creating product awareness. That is why content marketing strategies are readily adopted in the case of a product launch.

Internet The Black Hole Phenomenon
With the introduction of the Internet, the World has shrunk, and the distances have become minute thanks to the immense gravitational pull that imitates the black hole phenomenon. Internet is a powerful gravitational force that attracts and engulfs visitors like no other phenomenon. It has addicted a sizeable population and has literally become an extension of our lives. Indispensable extension.

Content act as a powerful force that attracts visitors engages them and converts thus the marketers target them the most. Remember goal conversion is not always straightforward as in the case of a tagline creative. The target audience has to go through many funnels before entering the doorway to make a purchase, subscribe or follow.

Conflict: Push Notification Ads & Content

Both flourish on the same platform, but there should be synchronization and both should be speaking the same language. It is the frequency that matters if there are too many ads streaming from a platform they are definitely an irritant and lose their value. Remember content act as a medium for Ads and is the most effective one but if there is spamming like in the case of Black Label Notifications there is going to be a conflict and the readership or viewership will face a bounce rate increase or total rejection.

Digital Marketing Benefits
Push notifications are skillfully used by digital marketing specialists. They add an icon to the ads that as a creative magnifies the message for greater impact. The link acts as a trigger to make a purchase, read about, or gain insight through news or a knowledge panel. Though mainly associated with websites and mobiles they are part of mobile app marketing strategy. Some apps send notification Ads without permission but these are unethical, mobile ads from ioS seek user permission, and quite rightly. For remarketing these Ads prove to be the least costly. Marketing companies used them often in their campaigns. The push notification Ads are highly effective in:

Increasing Conversions • Drive Clicks (Engagement) • Draw Attention • Share Updates & New Features (SaaS)• Discounts on Higher Plans (SaaS)
Employing this strategy for advertisement pays rich dividends to digital marketing firms globally. For push notifications to work successfully content creation for marketing is imperative. With advancing algorithms ethical notification practices for advertisements will have tremendous leverage in time to come.