Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in India – Koinbazar

Step 1: Register your account on Cryptocurrency & bitcoin exchange.

Step 2: Get a crypto wallet

Step 3: Withdraw BTC & other cryptocurrencies to your wallet instantly.

Buying Bitcoins (BTC) in India is easy through any of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This guide helps to buy bitcoin in India says that there are many crypto exchange platforms available in the country with a different fee structure, reputation, and limits. You can choose based on your budget and requirements to purchase bitcoin.

Factors to check before choosing the best cryptocurrency & bitcoin exchange in 2020:

� Geo-location and restriction policy.

� Transaction fees

� Security

� User interface

� Trading volume and liquidity

� Method of payments

� Transaction limits

� Customer support

All the above-mentioned factors should consider before choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange platform. Each platform can’t have all the factors at once, and there must be variations among each exchange. Moreover, traders and investors can invest their money in crypto exchanges before choosing the best one.

Where to buy Bitcoin in India?

If you are looking to buy, sell, and trade bitcoin in India then Koinbazar is the best crypto exchange marketplace that allows buying, sell, and trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with more security.

Why Koinbazar?

Koinbazar – India’s safest cryptocurrency & bitcoin exchange platform with ultra-secure, professional, comfort and you can easily buy bitcoin, ethereum, and other crypto coins. This platform is designed for the people who are all beginners in the field and also suits experienced traders.

How to set-up your account?

Before starting your trading process, there is a procedure you have to complete it.

Steps to register your account:

The below-mentioned steps are to complete your account registration process,

Step 1: Visit the Koin Bazar website.

Step 2: Select signup and fill-up your the details required.

Step 3: Once you filled in the details, click create an account. An activation mail will send it through your registered Email-ID.

Step 4: Open it and click the activation link. And your account is successfully created.

Steps to Complete Your KYC Verification:

The below-mentioned steps are to complete your KYC verification process,

Step 1: Sign in to your account and select Account —> Profile

Step 2: Under the KYC section you need to complete the following prospects.

i. Choose your required ID proof.

ii. Upload your frontside and backside ID Proof.

iii. Take a selfie of your face for KYC identification.

Step 3: Click Save. And your KYC verification process will be completed shortly.

After the procedures get complete, you can legally deposit your funds by connecting your bank details or external wallets in your koinbazar account. So, start buying and selling your assets safely with us and enjoy a hassle-free trading experience.

Signup Rewards:

Once the above-mentioned process is completed you will get FREE 50KBC tokens instantly and get deposited into your wallet. Do sign-up with Koinbazar & Start Your Happy Trading!

The Value of a Business Consultant

In a fast-paced and ever-changing business world, access to expert guidance and insight on branding is important for businesses of all sizes and across industries. Business consultants play an important role in providing this guidance as partners with ideas and resources for growth and success.

Professional Mission: Business consultants bring a broad range of knowledge and skills gained from working with a wide range of clients. In many sectors. They provide an objective and unbiased perspective that can help businesses identify areas for improvement, capitalize on opportunities, and reduce risks. With their expertise and experience, consultants can provide tailored solutions to the unique challenges faced by businesses in Kerala.

Planning and Decision Making: One of the main benefits of working with a business consultant is their ability to assist with strategic planning and decision making. They can help businesses develop strategies that align with their goals, including marketing strategies, the competitive landscape, and unique marketing strategies. Using their analytical skills and data-driven approach, consultants can provide insight and recommendations to support decision-making.

Efficiency and Productivity: Ease of use and increased efficiency are very important for businesses to compete and grow. practical. Business consultants can conduct a comprehensive assessment of current processes, identify inconsistencies, and recommend solutions to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Their expertise in process improvement techniques such as Lean Six Sigma or business process reengineering can lead to significant improvements in operational efficiency.

Financial Management and Cost Management: Financial management is an important part of business, and consultants can provide valuable advice in this area. They can assist with financial planning, budgeting, cost analysis, and cost reduction strategies. By identifying inefficiencies and implementing effective financial management strategies, financial advisors can help businesses increase profitability and ensure financial stability over the long term.

Change Management and Digital Transformation: In the digital age, companies need to quickly adapt to rapidly changing technologies and embrace digital transformation in order to remain competitive.. Business consultants can facilitate this process by providing expertise in change management, digital strategy development, and the use of new technologies and machinery. Their guidance can help businesses navigate the challenging journey of digital transformation and ensure smooth transitions while minimizing disruption to operations.

By working with industry experts and reputable people, businesses in Kerala can gain a lot of knowledge and skills, along with understanding the goal.. This partnership fosters growth, increases productivity, and serves businesses to achieve long-term success in the state’s economic and competitive markets.

Maximizing Visibility: Choosing the Right E-commerce Website SEO Packages

In today’s digital age, having a robust online presence is crucial for the success of any e-commerce venture. However, simply having a website is not enough. To stand out in the vast sea of online competition, you need to ensure that your website is easily discoverable by your target audience. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. SEO helps improve your website’s visibility on search engines like Google, driving organic traffic and increasing your chances of conversions. And when it comes to optimizing your e-commerce website, choosing the right SEO package is paramount.

When selecting an e-commerce website seo package, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Comprehensive Keyword Research: A best seo package should include thorough keyword research tailored to your e-commerce niche. This ensures that your website ranks for relevant search queries, driving qualified traffic to your online store.

On-Page Optimization: Look for packages that offer on-page optimization services, including optimizing product pages, meta tags, and headings. This helps search engines understand the relevance of your content and improves your chances of ranking higher in search results.

Quality Content Creation: Content is king in the world of SEO. Choose a package that includes content creation services such as blog posts, product descriptions, and category pages optimized with targeted keywords. High-quality content not only attracts visitors but also keeps them engaged and encourages them to make a purchase.

Link Building: Backlinks from reputable websites are a crucial ranking factor in SEO. Ensure that the SEO package includes strategies for acquiring high-quality backlinks to your e-commerce site, boosting your authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Regular Monitoring and Reporting: SEO is an ongoing process, and it’s essential to track your website’s performance continually. Look for packages that offer regular monitoring and detailed reporting on key metrics like keyword rankings, organic traffic, and conversion rates. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of the SEO efforts and make necessary adjustments.

In conclusion, investing in the right e-commerce website seo package can significantly impact your online visibility and ultimately, your bottom line. By considering factors such as keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, link building, and performance monitoring, you can choose a package that best suits your e-commerce goals and sets you up for success in the competitive online landscape.

Bulk SMS and WhatsApp bulk Message Sender for Business Promotion

In the current digital age, connecting with new and current consumers is essential to every business’s success. Bulk SMS and WhatsApp bulk messaging have become extremely effective tools for company marketing as a result of the growth of mobile connectivity. These platforms let companies to rapidly and effectively communicate with their target audience by sending out a high number of messages.

Benefits of Using Bulk SMS and WhatsApp for Business Promotion

Businesses can enjoy several benefits by leveraging bulk SMS and WhatsApp for their promotional efforts. Firstly, these platforms are cost-effective compared to traditional advertising methods. They offer a wide reach, allowing businesses to connect with customers across different demographics and geographic locations. Additionally, messages sent through bulk SMS and WhatsApp are delivered instantly, ensuring timely communication with customers. Moreover, these platforms offer personalization options, enabling businesses to tailor their messages according to the preferences of their audience.

How to Choose the Right Bulk SMS and WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender

When selecting a bulk SMS and WhatsApp bulk message sender for business promotion, it’s essential to consider several factors. Firstly, businesses should look for features such as message scheduling, contact management, and analytics tools. Pricing plans vary among different service providers, so it’s crucial to choose one that aligns with your budget and requirements. Furthermore, the user interface should be intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Tips for Effective Business Promotion Using Bulk Messaging

To maximize the impact of bulk messaging for business promotion, businesses should follow certain best practices. Firstly, it’s essential to craft compelling messages that resonate with the target audience. Personalization is key, so businesses should segment their audience based on demographics, interests, and behavior. Timing is also crucial, as sending messages at the right time can significantly impact their effectiveness. Finally, businesses should monitor and analyze the results of their messaging campaigns to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies.

Case Studies: Successful Business Promotion Campaigns with Bulk SMS and WhatsApp

Several businesses have achieved remarkable success by leveraging bulk SMS and WhatsApp for their promotional campaigns. For example, a local restaurant increased customer engagement and loyalty by sending exclusive offers and discounts via bulk SMS. Similarly, an e-commerce store saw a significant increase in sales by sending personalized product recommendations to its customers through WhatsApp. These case studies highlight the effectiveness of bulk messaging in driving business growth and increasing customer engagement.

In conclusion, bulk SMS and WhatsApp bulk messaging offer businesses a cost-effective and efficient way to promote their products and services. By leveraging these platforms effectively and following best practices, businesses can reach a wide audience, engage with customers on a personal level, and drive sales and revenue. As technology continues to evolve, bulk messaging will undoubtedly remain a valuable tool for businesses looking to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Grappling Push Notifications in Content-Based Marketing

What are Push Notifications?

White and Black techniques are not only employed in SEO, push notifications can be white or black as well. White label notifications conform to content-based marketing with clear-cut permission from the visitors or users, and black label notifications as you might have rightly guessed are a form of spamming. In the case of push notifications, the delivery mechanism is simple, and the ads or messages load up through emails, websites, blogs, mobile apps, and other user devices.

Push advertisers on the wrong side can deceive you and victimize you. What follows is a stream of notifications or ads you are not interested in. This happens most when you are in a hurry on the world wide web, when your attention is wavering, or when you are so engrossed that you wish to push aside all irritating pops ups and trespassing objects. Thus, to continue focusing you unwittingly press the button. Black hat advertisers use these moments to enhance their client’s trade and get the engrossed users to go for the push. I have experienced these situations and have learned to skillfully avoid accepting proposals. Want to know more? Continue reading…

Refuse to Allow or Click on Yes
Marketers cannot push the Ads without your permission. If you have granted permission and clicked on “yes” or “allow” only then the Ads will flow. Be careful whenever you chance upon these permission seekers, or your messaging or online experience would include a lot of clutter. In the world wide web, you continuously come across Ads on portals you visit, but these are not forced upon you. Ads are the price you pay for free usage, in most cases, some platforms like YouTube for example offer the option to go Ad free, and there are many such platforms. Paid memberships increase the ROI of open source or free platforms reducing their reliance on Ad commissions.

Content-Based Marketing Exposure
When users find the content interesting they venture onto the platform and read. Hence content is best for engagement. If you have added relevant attributes like video, infographic, puzzle, poll, or a questionnaire people will engage with your content and respond to various options that could include acceptance of notifications or Ad viewing.

In the case of content-based marketing, exposure to advertisements and the options to receive advertisements is very well tolerated. Why? Well, it’s simple to understand the content is persuasive in nature and incites emotions to win you over so a little bit of irritant is not bothersome.

Some of the ads pop up whence you are on content that promises problem-solving, and these ads might be just the one you were looking for. Marketers cleverly employ these techniques and achieve their objectives which could be goal conversion or creating product awareness. That is why content marketing strategies are readily adopted in the case of a product launch.

Internet The Black Hole Phenomenon
With the introduction of the Internet, the World has shrunk, and the distances have become minute thanks to the immense gravitational pull that imitates the black hole phenomenon. Internet is a powerful gravitational force that attracts and engulfs visitors like no other phenomenon. It has addicted a sizeable population and has literally become an extension of our lives. Indispensable extension.

Content act as a powerful force that attracts visitors engages them and converts thus the marketers target them the most. Remember goal conversion is not always straightforward as in the case of a tagline creative. The target audience has to go through many funnels before entering the doorway to make a purchase, subscribe or follow.

Conflict: Push Notification Ads & Content

Both flourish on the same platform, but there should be synchronization and both should be speaking the same language. It is the frequency that matters if there are too many ads streaming from a platform they are definitely an irritant and lose their value. Remember content act as a medium for Ads and is the most effective one but if there is spamming like in the case of Black Label Notifications there is going to be a conflict and the readership or viewership will face a bounce rate increase or total rejection.

Digital Marketing Benefits
Push notifications are skillfully used by digital marketing specialists. They add an icon to the ads that as a creative magnifies the message for greater impact. The link acts as a trigger to make a purchase, read about, or gain insight through news or a knowledge panel. Though mainly associated with websites and mobiles they are part of mobile app marketing strategy. Some apps send notification Ads without permission but these are unethical, mobile ads from ioS seek user permission, and quite rightly. For remarketing these Ads prove to be the least costly. Marketing companies used them often in their campaigns. The push notification Ads are highly effective in:

Increasing Conversions • Drive Clicks (Engagement) • Draw Attention • Share Updates & New Features (SaaS)• Discounts on Higher Plans (SaaS)
Employing this strategy for advertisement pays rich dividends to digital marketing firms globally. For push notifications to work successfully content creation for marketing is imperative. With advancing algorithms ethical notification practices for advertisements will have tremendous leverage in time to come.

Pharmacy Contributions to Wound Care Management in Kapuas City

Wound care management is a critical aspect of healthcare, ensuring timely and effective treatment to promote healing and prevent complications. In Kapuas City, pharmacies play a pivotal role in supporting this process through various contributions that enhance patient outcomes and community health.

Pafikotakapuas serve as accessible points of care where individuals with wounds can receive immediate attention and necessary supplies. One significant contribution is the provision of wound care products. Pharmacists and pharmacy staff are trained to recommend and provide appropriate dressings, antiseptics, and medications tailored to different types of wounds, ensuring patients receive the right treatment from the outset.

Education is another key area where pharmacies excel. Pharmacists offer valuable guidance on wound care techniques, emphasizing proper cleaning, dressing changes, and signs of infection to watch for. This education empowers patients and caregivers to manage wounds effectively at home, reducing the risk of complications and unnecessary hospital visits.

Furthermore, pharmacies in Kapuas City often collaborate with healthcare providers and community organizations to host wound care workshops and seminars. These events not only educate the public but also promote preventive measures and early intervention strategies. By fostering community engagement, pharmacies contribute to a more informed and proactive approach to wound management.

Technology has also transformed the role of pharmacies in wound care. Many pharmacies now offer online platforms or apps where patients can access information on wound care products, schedule consultations with pharmacists, and even order supplies for delivery. This accessibility enhances patient convenience and adherence to treatment plans, supporting better overall outcomes.

In addition to direct patient care, pharmacies in Kapuas City participate in public health initiatives that aim to improve wound care practices on a broader scale. They collaborate with local health authorities to distribute educational materials, promote hygiene practices, and advocate for timely wound assessment and treatment.

The role of pharmacies in wound care management extends beyond the transactional aspect of dispensing medications. It encompasses a holistic approach to patient care, integrating education, community outreach, and technological innovation. By leveraging their expertise and accessibility, pharmacies in Kapuas City contribute significantly to enhancing the quality of life for individuals dealing with wounds, ensuring they receive timely and effective treatment close to home.

In conclusion, Pafikotakapuas are invaluable partners in wound care management, providing essential products, education, and community outreach. Their multifaceted contributions not only facilitate healing but also empower individuals and communities to take proactive steps towards better health outcomes. As the healthcare landscape evolves, pharmacies continue to play a crucial role in promoting accessible and effective wound care for all residents of Kapuas City.

Age wise Financial Education for Children

When do we exactly introduce our kids to financial education? Is it when we let them keep the money they get from relatives? Or when they first plan to go out with their friends for dinner all by themselves?

It’s actually much before. The time they ask (cry…scream…yell) for a toy and we as parents have to then incentivize them to getting you do something more exciting for them. Also when they want to waste their food and we tell them it’s bought from the hard earned money and we shouldn’t waste. These small habits inculcate values since their childhood.

Ages 3 to 5

So, this is the time for you to first accept the fact that it’s about time for your child to get introduced to money matters. While this is the age where they are all cute and adorable, it is also the age when they understand the concept of “buying” and “money”. We need money to buy things, and we have to work to get money. This just becomes easy if you add some fun factor to this activity. Make a deal with them. They have to earn happy points with good behavior to get that big burger or that Disney princess dress. It could be 100 points for burger and 500 points for princess dress.

Money could be used to help them learn count.

Ages 6 to 12

They are already going to primary or secondary school. They need allowances. Their demands get bigger during this phase. Things around them will influence their choices too. The outrageous amount of pressure schools today put on parents to be ‘socially’ competitive to this will have its impact on the child as well. They might want branded clothes and expensive stationary. Make sure you take sensible decisions in their growing years by letting them understand the value of money.

Games like monopoly can make your task easy. Encourage such games and play with them.

This is a perfect time to open a bank account in your child’s name. Their own bank account will motivate them to save money.

Make them live a simple lifestyle. Remember success starts from humble beginnings. This will help them as adults, to manage their money better. Save more.

Ages 13 to 18

Teens!! This is the age where parents are either friends or foes for their kids. They are new to the world of fashion and gadgets and these are their best friends now. With such fancy hobbies, come significantly higher expenses. In order to make them financially wise, involve them when your family talks about finances. Ask them for their views.

At this age they are already preparing for their higher education. Discuss the finances with them. Explain cost of college fees, student loans and credit cards etc. This will bring awareness and make them financially vigilant.

This doesn’t end here. Going forward when they get their first pay cheque, a good investment advice from you will help them generate wealth for long term, even better, forever. Remember the quote – Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, the man here is your CHILD.

Remember, starting early always helps, be it for investing or even educating your children about investing.

Choose The Type Of Mutual Funds That Suits You

Investment in mutual fund is one of the most preferable options for various reasons. The foremost reason is professionalism. You may receive lot of noise when you are buying other assets mentioned at the start of this article however they may not bring professional advice. In case of investment in mutual fund, investors are provided with the services of an experienced fund manager who handles the financial decisions based on the performance and prospects available in the market to achieve the objectives of the mutual fund scheme, the advice backed by a dedicated research team. Above all, mutual funds are required to register with SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) which bring transparency and regulation in investment decisions. There are different types of funds available and investor can choose the best one as per his/her financial goals.

Types of mutual funds

Mutual funds are a one-stop shop for all your investment needs. Needs can range from wanting to purchase a car in the next one or two years or saving towards your child’s future education in the next 10 years or saving up for your retirement, or saving tax on your regular income. Investors ideally look for diversification, low costs, ease and flexibility of withdrawal, better tax efficiency etc. Investors can achieve all their short term and long term financial goals through the following types of Mutual Funds.

1 Equity funds: One of the most popular types of mutual fund are equity funds, where the fund manager invests in equity markets. Though it seems like a simple job, it is challenging and difficult. When to buy and sell shares is the most difficult decision which is based on the fund manager’s knowledge and experience.

2 Liquid / Debt funds: Liquid funds are an integral part of the fixed income or debt investments plan, primarily investing your money in money market instruments like certificate of deposits, treasury bills, commercial paper and term deposits having maturity of up to 91 days. The lower maturity period of these underlying assets makes them liquid, which means they can be easily converted to cash at a short notice, with minimal risk on capital loss. Liquid funds are one of the most suitable investment options for investors who prefer liquidity (immediate availability of cash) over returns. While, return on investment is always an important factor, liquidity takes priority in the case of liquid funds. These instruments are not subject to interest rate volatility as against other debt funds with longer maturity periods. However, this does not entirely mean that they are immune to interest rate risks.

3 Fund of Funds: According to Investopedia, a Fund of Funds (FOF) – also referred to as a multi-manager investment – is an investment strategy in which a fund invests in other types of funds. This strategy invests in a portfolio that contains different underlying assets instead of investing directly in bonds, stocks and other types of securities. The versatility offered by this fund is akin to a cricketer who is an all-rounder and is able to bat anywhere in the order. A Fund of Funds helps ease risk to a large extent by distributing investment across different funds. A Fund of Funds lowers the risk level of investments by investing fund in different kind of mutual funds. The taxation treatment of the fund is admittedly less than ideal. Broadly, equity and debt are the two major areas of investments in the mutual fund industry and both of them are taxed differently. All equity funds are in one tax bracket and all non-equity funds are in another tax bracket. Surprisingly, an equity fund of funds even one which has equity funds as a part of its portfolio – is taxed as a non-equity fund!

4 Gold Funds: If you are thinking of making an investment in gold, then Gold ETF is the best option. Gold is also valuable as a bulwark against a falling currency. By investing in a gold fund, a retail or institutional investor can gain exposure to this asset without the hassle of taking delivery of physical gold assets, which is often required in the commodities market. Above all, gold has the highest liquidity after cash in hand.

As discussed in our earlier article, entry and exit from your investments should not depend on the market level. You can start investing in the market at any time and have patience till the time your financial goal is achieved. You need to spend time on selection of the right fund which will be based on your financial goal. Markets will remain volatile however there is no reason to worry if you are a long term investor.

Quantum Mutual Fund has 10 different funds in all categories including equity, gold, debt and fund of the funds. You can click here to know more about funds and click here to start investing in mutual funds.

What is Cashback and how to use it – Understand Cashback

Cashback is also a credit or checks card firmness system that allows cardholders to set aside cash when purchasing goods or administration. It seems that such a statement fully characterizes this ability, but this is not the case. First of all, these are not restrictions for the bank’s accomplices. Besides, it has a lot of changes. Moreover, it is not just a structure for collecting and spending rewards, but also its embodiment. Therefore, it is important to understand in detail what cashback is, why credit institutions use cashback, and how to use it.

Why do banks provide Cashback -
Cashback is also a reliability framework for credit or check cards, allowing cardholders to reserve cash when purchasing products or managing them. This assertion seems to fully explain this ability, but it is not the case. First, these are not restrictions on bank complicity. Similarly, it has many changes. Moreover, this is not only a framework for collecting and using rewards but also its substance. Therefore, it is important to understand in detail what cashback is, the reasons why the credit base banks such as Capital one routing number bank use cashback, and how to use it.

The lower the frequency with which customers retrieve assets from records, the less demand there is to “fuel” ATMs. It should be noted that this technique is not as humble as it was at the beginning. Depending on the management of the classification, the distance between the gadget and the main unit, etc. The bank can pay up to 1.5% of the stack amount. Considering that most businesses set a standard cashback of all costs at around 1% while they have accumulated huge reserves and maintain a dark state of profitability.

With regard to the payment of commissions, we are now discussing measures to expand the granting of priority. They are clearly used for specific types of expenses. Among the vendors that lending institutions often have vendor agreements (TSPs) with, they allow customers to use their cards to pay a portion of the fees at these stores, service stations, taverns, etc.

Therefore, it turns out what cashback is. This is an arrangement for mutual funds. The bank Usaa routing number and other banks reduce the acquisition and classification costs by transferring a portion of these assets to the client, thereby encouraging him to withdraw cash from the card account in a manner consistent with a stable structure. Accordingly, the business structure has no skills. Not only she is the winner, but also her plastic case.

The cleverness of using Cashback -
Most banks can set certain boundaries to determine additional attention. There are three of them. They can be used separately or mixed. For example, include the second and third nuances listed below in your liability plan.

1. You can definitely blame the specific asset turnover rate. That is, customers can use these focal points only by paying a total of 10,000 bucks with the purchased card within one month. This limitation may vary from company to company. This is even more true when considering premium models and products.

2. Changes in Benefits Caused by Costs. Just like the previous options, but the client will never be left without a return. This subtlety lies in advertising cards. It often turns out that the remuneration is “up to 10%”, but in reality, the holders cannot receive the remuneration due to certain categories of turnover. For example, when a particular class spends no more than 5,000 dollars per month, 2% cashback will be credited. If these expenses reach 10,000 dollars, then the remuneration will be 5%. If the key payment method in installments is similar, for example, 20,000 dollars per month, the customer will receive 10% of the payment amount.

3. There is one of the most extreme discounts. It’s used everywhere. In other words, it defines a specific measurement of cash, or customers can use it as the basis for a refund.

To find out the accuracy of the cash back you need to use, contact the relevant bank. This can be achieved by calling the community. The phone number is often displayed on the plastic of a credit institution or on the website of an authorized organization. An employee who allows customers to find out their own information will determine the tariff for a credit or debit card and explain the details of the specified capacity.

Conclusion :

Cash-back is a useful and attractive feature that not only allows you to compensate some of the money spent but also allows you to pay extra for setting up the card. Sometimes this gives you a chance to benefit. But it’s okay. The main task is to select the program that offers the greatest discount to the well-known categories of future holders before the card is issued. Getting used to how to use Cashback effectively in a responsible bank is also very important.

Salary Packaging Services Explained – Salary Sacrifice Australia

Who is Eziway Salary Packaging?

For over a decade we’ve been at the forefront of developing systems and providing service offerings to the not-for-profit sector including charities, public health, community and disability service providers.

We developed an industry leading software and dedicated service model, which is designed to manage this complex tax arrangement.

Our cloud-based administration system, developed in-house, provides faultless salary packaging services. Organisations can tap into its power via our equally sophisticated online portal and app, which provides transparent, real-time data and interactive account functionalities.

What is Salary Packaging?

Salary Packaging, also known as Salary Sacrificing, is an ATO approved workplace benefits program, which serves as a value proposition for both employers and employees. As an Employer, Salary Packaging goes a long way to retaining your most valuable asset, your staff. As an Employee, Salary Packaging lets you minimize tax and maximize your income.

What can I Salary Package?

Salary Packaging is an ATO-approved method of restructuring your gross salary in order to pay less tax. As an employer, the ATO gives you generous tax benefits that you can then pass on to your employees.

The benefits available depend on your Employer’s Salary Packaging Policy and may include:

Mortgage repayments
Rent payments
Personal loans
Credit Card repayments
Portable devices
Novated Car Leases
Remote living costs
Entertainment expenses
Venue hire
What are the benefits of Salary Packaging?

Some of the benefits include being able to salary package certain lifestyle benefits or other various expenses such as your mortgage, rent, car or personal loan or credit card repayments.

With Eziway, our consultants can tailor a salary packaging arrangement based on each employee’s personal circumstances that aims to reduce their taxable income and increase their take home pay based on your organisation’s policy and industry.